Call to Action: Make a Donation Today to Support the Texas Horsemen's Partnership's Legal Action to Protect the Texas Racing Industry

(Austin, Texas - December 21, 2015) - As you are probably aware by now, the Texas Racing Commission (TxRC) is facing a possible shutdown in two months if it does not repeal the rules for Historical Racing. This threat has been made abundantly clear by the Lt. Governor and was specifically discussed at the last TxRC meeting.

The Texas Horsemen’s Partnership LLP has made a decision to retain an attorney to file a lawsuit to protect the interests of its members and contest the constitutionality of these threatened actions. While we are still hopeful that legislative leadership will meet with us to discuss solutions, we feel we have no choice but to exercise our legal options.

Because of the size and scope of the litigation, we will need your financial support to bring the lawsuit forward and see it through to completion. We deliberated on this decision for a long while, and we take the responsibility of representing our members very seriously. Many of you have asked what you can do to help with the issues that we have been facing, and now is the time to follow through on your offers. The Texas Horsemen’s Partnership, by itself, cannot fund this kind of litigation, and is asking for donations from the industry and the public. There are two ways that you can send a donation:

  • Mail a check to: Texas Horsemen’s Partnership at P.O. Box 142533 Austin, TX 78714 (checks should be made payable to the THP and ‘legal fund’ should be included in the memo line).
  • By phone: Call (512) 467-9799 to ask for a donation to be made from your Horsemen’s Bookkeeper account.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we do not have the ability to accept credit card donations.

Time is of the essence, since the Texas Racing Commission has only been granted funding through the end of February. Won’t you please join your fellow horsemen and make a donation today?

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